Quovadimus? (Where we’re going?)


At the dawn of the third millennium, this autodramma continued to address questions about how a small rural community can transfer its social structures, its past, and its mental models into a modern world.  The Latin tag which was used as the title hesitated between the presence or absence of a question mark: ‘Where are we going?’, or alternatively ‘The place where we’re going’.

As in the previous year, an old folk tale was used as a point of reference for contemporary issues: this time the story of Gianni Stento, an imperturbably fearless youth who causes mindless havoc among those around him, until the sight of his own backside (the ‘hidden part’ of his own identity?) makes him collapse and die.

In the present, or perhaps the near future, a small village community were faced with a journey into exile, imposed on them by the authorities, leading they knew not where and filling them with doubt and confusion.  Would they be able to take some of their past lives and language with them?  Were these things in fact useful any more?

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