Vietato invecchiare (Growing Old Is Prohibited)


This play was structured along lines which were now well established for autodrammi: an examination of a general social problem from the past, its placement within the microcosm of local realities, and a projection of how things might develop in the future.

The problem of old age, which had tended to be addressed in single dramatic episodes, was considered here in the context of a long Tuscan tradition of social support and assistance, but also in relation to how society was currently evolving.  The play involved a confrontation between a younger couple who wanted to send their father to a care home, and more relaxed and hospitable attitudes which might—perhaps—be found in a village like Monticchiello.

The text was constructed on the basis of serious research about the past condition of old people in the countryside, and about their current situation in surviving agricultural communities.  Much use was made of direct interviews recorded on videotape, of questionnaires circulated locally, and of surveys conducted in care homes and hospices.

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