To mount a simple theatre show, it might be enough just to assemble a committee, a group of people who meet more or less informally, and get themselves organized.  An ordinary amateur drama group.  But since 1980, the Teatro Povero has attempted to give its activities more breadth: in fact in May of that year a formal co-operative was established in the village—The People’s Company of the Poor Theatre of Monticchiello (Compagnia popolare del Teatro Povero di Monticchiello).  It embodies a project, a dream, also a reality; and it means a great deal to the village.

The decision to form a legal co-operative was the result of a long internal debate.  Witness was then born to this by the 1980 autodramma, entitled The Hard Earth (La dura terra), which incorporated that debate into its script.  The fact is that in this village the word “theatre” contains within it all kinds of expectations and projects, the aspirations of a whole community.  ‘Theatre”, in Monticchiello, cannot be contained simply on a stage platform.  “Theatre” here has always lived and been pursued in the squares and in the streets of the village, in our collective desire to do more and to do our best for our lives and for our neighbourhood.  This is why nowadays the Teatro Povero does not only produce plays, but also manages the Barn (Granaio) with all the services provided there, the Museum, the Bronzone Tavern, and a great deal more: an unceasing activity aimed at growth and development, open to the initiative and participation of every one of our members.

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