Bronzino is the restaurant hosted by the Teatro Povero within its historic site: an ancient 18th century granary, in Piazza Nuova, in the center of the village.

The philosophy of the kitchen provides strictly local products, use of seasonal ingredients, attention to the local culinary tradition, but also some additional invention, openness to gastronomic experimentation, a varied and often renewed cellar, evenings in theme.

You will be greeted with stage photos, objects and references to country tradition, some old retired lighting tools … From the restaurant you can also directly access our Tepotratos Museum, if you want to be amazed by the world of traditional local theater.

Bronzino’s atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming: a few tables, courteous and attentive service … If you like to be quiet and take the time you want to talk to your guests, this is the right place!

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The reference number is: +39 0578 755273. Alternative number: +39 0578 755118. The closing day is Monday.

The Taverna di Bronzone has been very popular since its birth only at certain times of the year. People invited us to consider a ‘permanent’ opening … for this reason Bronzino was born, part to meet our audience, part because we like to experiment and never be satisfied.

Bronzino is the second restaurant of the Teatro Povero di Monticchiello, son of the Taverna di Bronzone experience but with some specific features: first of all a different location. Same square as Bronzone, but on the opposite side. The new restaurant is housed in the historic seat of the Teatro Povero, an ancient eighteenth-century granary in Piazza Nuova, in the center of the village.

Bronzino’s opening period is very simple: every time the Taverna di Bronzone is not open, you will find it open, for lunch and dinner, except for the closing day, Monday.

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