Company Theatre

The Company’s ‘Little Theatre’ (Teatrino) is the hall which we use and make available for our own winter shows, and for others mounted by guests, for film shows, concerts and lectures.

The Teatrino contains a stage, with changing rooms and facilities; a lighting control box at the back of the hall; and floor seating for around 85 spectators.  It is offers a large-size screen for film projection, and full audio-visual equipment.

To hire the hall, contact us on our office number (+39) 0578 75 51 18, or online at

infoturistiche_7036_66 The Barn (il Granaio): tourist information point, The Teatro Povero Shop.
1) St. Agatha’s Gate (13th century) – entrance to the village
2) Towers on the village ramparts
3) The Company’s ‘Little Theatre’ (former Misericordia Church, 17th century)
4) Former Commenda Palace
5) Former Town Hall
6) Church of Saints Leonard and Christopher (13th century)
7) Saint Martin’s square (where plays were staged until 2004)
8) Square of Commendation (theatre venue from 2005)
9) The Provost church of Saints Leonard and Christopher 
10) Museum of Traditional Popular Tuscan Theatre (‘Te.Po.Tra.Tos’)
11) The castle keep (13th century)
12) The ‘sally port’ tower
13) Public laundry basins
14) Saint Rocco’s Church (13th century)
15) The Aldo Nisi Room 
16) The Bronzone Tavern

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